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Tanya Reynolds

Tanya is a Certified Career and Life Coach and an Author. She is also a certified Organizational Change Manager and a Technology Professional with over 20 years’ experience navigating the corporate world. As a corporate professional, Tanya understands how vital it is to know and articulate the value you bring to the table, accept and seek out opportunities to create space for yourself and step out of your comfort zone sometimes uncomfortably. She is passionate about helping women prepare to pivot in their career, empowering them to boldly and confidently step into new or more aligned opportunities.

As a mentor and an active leader in both Women in Leadership and various Group mentoring programs, she has a passion for providing a space for women to have open conversations about their journey, experience personal growth and embrace the power of their voice through community.

Tanya is also a collaborator and co-facilitator of the Slay Your Inner Critic confidence and self-esteem building programs for teens, adult women and men. Most recently she has created the Ready Now Rise program for women and youth which focuses on helping individuals achieve clarity on their superpowers through self-awareness and understand the power of their personal brand. This four week virtual course helps provide participants the fundamentals of building their resume and sharpening their interview presence so they may be prepared for their next opportunity.

She wears many hats, two of her favorites being the mother to an energetic 7-year-old and the wife to a very supportive and kind husband.


Website: www.readynowlive.com

Email: Tanya@readynowlive.com

Instagram: Coach.Tanyar


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