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Shirley Brooks

After 20 plus years in the Logistics & Supply Chain industry, I decided to stop blaming my job for my discontent and become an active co creator in my life. As much success as I did have, I was not fulfilled in Corporate America and the work I was doing did not have purpose and honestly, I was at my wits end emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. What was missing? What was going on? I let fear, low self esteem, lack of confidence and good ole impostor syndrome keep me from solidifying my goals, elevating my Thoughtstyle & being accountable to my purpose and dreams. Between experiences of being underpaid due to my gender and race, being passed up for interviews for jobs I applied to within the organization that I fully qualified for, the systemic racism, hustle culture and male dominated space that I had to assimilate to, my high paying job and title was no longer giving what it was supposed to be giving. Imagine working and working your whole life to excel in your career, actually making great money, having a big beautiful home, multiple cars, an amazing husband, a wonderful son and a loving family to boot and being so depressed that you secretly wish you could escape the earth in the most extreme way. Yeah that was me, my breaking point came in 2018 real close to my 39th birthday.  Long story short, I had reached the point of burnout and it was manifesting in body aches and pains and my overall mindset and ability to love myself and perform my job. What I did realize after taking what was called Slay Your Inner Bully at the time, was that I need to increase my own self awareness, confidence and assertiveness and become an intentional and active co creator in my own destiny. Stop the blame game and do the work to put myself in a position to be able to use my unique genius to make Massive Impact. Now, I am living out my passion by helping other women reconnect to themselves and their power, push past the burnout and move into bliss so that they can serve & monetize their unique genius in a way that is fulfilling to them. My goal is to empower women and outfit them with the tools they need to succeed so that they can stop chasing money and start making Massive Impact too. My greatest joy is helping women have those aha moments that leave them inspired to take intentional empowered action towards living a purposeful life that they can love Inpowered to prosper.



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