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When the idea to create a course called Slay Your Inner Critic came to mind, it was because of the desire to help women learn how to manage their inner critic that we ALL have. That critic that will tell us that we are not enough, that we don’t have the right credentials, or that no one will support us if we move forward with a particular idea. The list goes on. The inner critic can either serve us or deter us – we can choose – REALLY WE CAN!

By learning to manage the messages that the critic gives us and changing our perspective. Together, we have expanded and developed this program for men, women and teens. This program is like no other.
Now is the time to take charge of YOUR life.
If not now, when?


Become more confident in your decisions and truly love your life.

Success is not only about learning a set of skills and implementing them. Success is equally if not more about a certain frame of mind. If you get your mind right you will be successful at almost anything. Why? The reason you will be successful is because you will understand that success is an accumulation of failures, crap, and learning. What we do for you is to help you learn the tools and strategies to rise up when the “ish” that happens in life.

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  • Announcing The New Website

    Helping You Overcome the Negative Self Talk of the Inner Critic

    Many women struggle with negative self-talk, also known as the inner critic. This voice inside our heads can be relentless, telling us we're not good enough, smart enough, or attractive enough. It can hold us back from achieving our goals and living our best lives. But the good news is that we can learn to overcome this negative self-talk and cultivate a more positive and empowering inner dialogue.

    At its core, negative self-talk is a habit that we've learned over time. It's often rooted in our past experiences and the messages we've received from others. But just because we've learned this habit doesn't mean we're stuck with it. By becoming more aware of our inner dialogue and practicing self-compassion and positive affirmations, we can begin to shift our mindset and overcome the inner critic. In this article, we'll explore some strategies for doing just that, so that we can start living more confidently and authentically.

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  • Announcing The New Website

    Are you struggling with feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy?

    Do you often feel like an imposter, despite evidence of your competence?

    If so, you may be experiencing Imposter Syndrome.

    What is that anyway? We hear it said so much, but what does it really mean? Imposter Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon in which an individual doubts their accomplishments or abilities, despite evidence of their competence. It is often associated with feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, and can cause an individual to remain silent or self-critical in order to prevent being exposed as a fraud.

    Sound familiar? Definitely does for all of us at Manifesting YOur Excellence. At many points in our lives we have been faced with the anxiety, lack of productivity and even depression that can come from this phenomenon.

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SYIC is life changing!!

  • I just wanted to share my testimony regarding how the Slay your Inner Critic Program has been very effective for me. It has helped improve my confidence in so many ways. I am much more stronger! It has had a great impact on my mental health overall…I would encourage any and everyone to take the program. I have seen significant changes in my life since taking this course. My mood, energy, attitude are much more positive in all I do.

  • I invested a lot of my time in my self-growth where I had the honour of meeting some inspiring individuals along the way. With each person, I was able to apply what I have learned into my daily routine. Jennifer Slay, an inspiration to my mind, heart and soul is one of these people. Slay has shown me I am capable of enhancing my self-growth to a much higher level. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to experience the SYIC workshop. The workshop has taught me to observe deeper into my thoughts and has given me answers I have been searching for quite some time. Thank you Slay for inventing SYIC. SYIC has been a well deserving experience for me.

  • I appreciated the videos and reflective emails, the articles and quotes as well as DISC. I also enjoyed the breakout groups.

  • The instructors were truly knowledgeable and engaging. I am very happy that I took this course. I have learned so much about myself and how to apply the concepts to my life…

  • I made a choice to invest in me. With the help of two wonderful coaches, I’ve become aware of who I really am, how I want to grow, and that I deserve it! I’ve learned how to calm that inner voice, been given tools to move past the roadblocks, to becoming the best version of me.

    I got to a place in my life that I wanted to start enjoying it, but when I thought about what that involved I was at a loss. I felt like I didn’t know the real me. This course helped me to see that I deserve to be present, I’m allowed to have a voice, to be aware of my actions, and to ensure they line up with my beliefs. I don’t need to compare myself to anyone but me. I am enough

  • The class was amazing. I learned so much in 8 weeks. I have finally started setting boundaries, saying no to things I do not want to do and people. I have stopped allowing people to use me as a door mat. I have learned so much and I am more equipped. The emails and homework was amazing. It really helped me to drive home what we learned the week before. The interaction was great and it was nice to hear where everyone else was in their progress.

  • “Live life better than good!”, is a saying that I am now endeavoring to be part of my life since taking, “Slay Your Inner Bully” course. Within 8 weeks I have seen drastic changes in my thought process and how I handle those negative voices in my own mind. This series is insightful, encouraging and uplifting. While learning to be free to be the best version of yourself, you also have two incredible people guiding you through to a place where you can become more independent and “flip the script” in your mind automatically. Please take this course. You will not regret it!

  • SYIC is life changing!! Jen and Shirley are the coaches you need to motivate you in the right direction and provide guidance as needed. The course is fantastic in providing tools and insight to your “inner workings” and becomes relevant to your individual life. SYIC helps with healing if you’re dealing with extreme trauma and/or life-changes. It’s like that puzzle piece you never knew was missing because it just fits so well! My experience with SYIC was amazing! The environment is super supportive, zero-judgement zone, uplifting and empowering. I would recommend SYIC for anyone looking to silence their “inner critic” and improve their lives.

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